About Us

Quin Global is a worldwide manufacturer of adhesive and tool systems anchored by next-level innovation.

The Adhesive Innovators

As the world’s largest spray cannister adhesive manufacturer, Quin Global’s expansive product line includes more than 300 unique adhesive products — many of which are revolutionary to the marketplace.

With regional offices located in Perth UK, Omaha, NE USA, and Canberra Australia, our state-of-the-art research, development, and production facilities generate the most comprehensive array of adhesives for a vast range of industries around the globe.


Who We Are

When we say we’re “Adhesive Innovators,” we mean it. Covering floor to ceiling — and everything in between — our talented and experienced team produces 150,000 adhesive canisters and millions of aerosol cans every year…each carefully created to meet a diverse set of customer needs.

From initial concept to the adhesive landing on your shelf, we guide the process from start to finish – ensuring quality for every product. Quin Global’s strong, global network provides customers with peace of mind, knowing they’ll receive a high-quality product with high levels of customer service.

Who we are

Our Story


Joining Forces

3 companies, Glenseal from the UK, Aplichem from America and IPF from Australia Joined forces to form Quin Global.


New Manufacturing

Quin Global manufactured their first canisters.


Exceeding Standards

Quin’s first factory receives ISO certifications 9001, 14001 and 45001


Product Expansion

QDek products released into roofing markets



Quin Global Acquired the Gekko brand of flooring adhesives



Quin Global acquired Belieu in the Netherlands.


Asia Expansion

Quin Global entered the Asia market in Kuala Lumpur


Process Development

Quin begins filling aerosol adhesive cans inhouse



Quin launches the Ramsol sanitiser brand in response to COVID-19 and opened offices in India, Poland and Germany.

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Across 3 laboratories our products and ideas are expertly developed and formulated in-house by an experienced team of chemists. Each one a thinker, problem-solver and executor, their ideas don’t just lead the market – they pave the way for tomorrow’s innovations.

Whether it’s a product for an entire industry or a specific customer, we’re constantly exploring new ways to enhance existing solutions and break ground on new ones.


We strive to treat our people and our customers with loyalty, honesty & integrity.


Whether we’re working with our innovation team, introducing new products, or enhancing the manufacturing thousands of canisters every week, there’s enthusiasm for excellence in everything we do — and producing 4.5 M pounds (2 M kilograms) of adhesive each year gives us a lot to get excited about!

An advanced automated filing system delivers accuracy at every stage of production. Our in-depth data analysis process ensures pinpoint tracking of raw materials and finished goods. Following a lean and agile model, this allows for constant improvements to the entire production process to add value, reduce waste, maintain safety and remain environmentally responsible.

In the end, this translates to shorter lead times for the customer and faster access to quality products.


We have energy & enthusiasm for excellence
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

If you take care of employees, they’ll take care of customers – investing in people, helping them be the best they can possibly be is core to our customer service experience. By offering opportunity to grow personally and professionally, our team members pride themselves on having a deep knowledge of our market and a passion for customer care.

Staffed by unique and diverse individuals worldwide, Quin Global’s talent extends beyond the norm to meet the needs of our the unique and diverse customer base.

Ultimately, it’s our Customer Experience team that guides our vision and defines the emotional identity and values of Quin Global.